Darien Gives Back is a resident-driven philanthropic effort designed to help local organizations, non-profits, and charities throughout CT and the local area with much-needed donations. Please read below and see whom we have selected as our philanthropy partners.

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Pink Aid

Pink Aid is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals impacted by breast cancer. Through financial aid, access to care, and community outreach, they provide tangible assistance and emotional support to patients and survivors. Their mission is to foster hope, resilience, and healing within the breast cancer community while promoting awareness and education to combat the disease.

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Spooner House

Spooner House is an organization committed to fostering creativity and community engagement through various artistic endeavors. They provide a platform for individuals to showcase their talents and express themselves through art. By organizing events, workshops, and performances, they aim to inspire creativity, promote cultural exchange, and enrich the lives of participants and audiences alike. Through their initiatives, they seek to cultivate a vibrant artistic community while encouraging personal growth and self-expression.